Providing its Project, Engineering and Contracting Services continuously for the hotels, holiday resorts, residences and business places since its establishment in 1984, Makel Heating And Cooling Engineering A.Ş. is continuing to provide its services in the field of mechanical installations with 35 professional employees including 4 mechanical engineers, 1 architect, 4 economists, 1 water products engineer, 1 air conditioning-cooling technician, 5 electrical technicians, 14 mechanical-sanitary systems technicians and sales and administrative personnel.

The Makel Group is striving to provide the best possible services in the other fields of activity with its 43 strong professional staff. The company incorporates a display area, where technical products are shown; a technical office and workshop, where the contracting works are carried out and a store for making sales. The company is in the durable household goods sector with a Beko dealership in Yalıkavak Örnek as well.



Makel Isıtma ve Soğutma Mühendisliği A.Ş.

Atatürk Bulvarı No: 279 Konacık, Bodrum - Muğla Tel: 444 22 70 Faks: 0 252 363 75 43

Bakım Onarım Bobinaj

Konacık Sanayii Sitesi No: 6-E 10 Konacık, Bodrum - Muğla Tel: 0 533 661 02 39

Örnek Bayiliği

Bodrum Cad. Akkın İş Merkezi C Blok 11/A Yalıkavak, Bodrum - Muğla Tel: 0 252 385 54 44

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