MAK-EL Engineering Services

MAK-EL Mühendislik has adopted the principle of keeping the customer satisfaction at the front plane in the project, contracting and installation field and to provide best quality of service.

Believing that achieving the best depends on using quality products and therefore realizing its undertakings with the most prestigious brand names in the sector with proven quality in Turkish and International Standards, the company has continued with its operations without changing its service quality and level from since the first day it was established.

The projects that were completed and delivered based on this philosophy are the most eminent evidence of the foregoing

Areas of Operation

  • Tourism facilities
  • Residential Group
  • Industrial establishments
  • Stores


Our Services

  • Project, Engineering and Contracting Services

    MAK-EL Mühendislik provides services in the areas of preparing mechanical Installation Projects, rendering engineering services and application thereof.

  • Sanitary Installations

    Installation of the fresh water, hot water system and sanitary system components (sinks, toilette, WC, bath tubs, kitchen sinks, fixtures etc.). Out-bound drainage systems, strainers, sewage lines, check and cleaning covers, waste water pumping etc.

  • Water conditioning

    Well- water conditioning, providing fresh water for the residents, hotels and yachts using the RO systems and treatment of all kinds of water.

All realized with the Mak-El Mühendislik experience
  • Heating Installations

    Boilers, floor heating, combi heaters, burners, boiler rooms, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room installations and their applications.

  • Air Conditioner and Ventilation Installations

    Economical and quality solutions in the Air Conditioner infrastructure and installations, air ducts and ventilation systems.

  • Cold Room installations

    In order to enable the companies to keep their fresh foods for long periods, installation of cold rooms according to the requirements.

  • Pool Installations

    Installation infrastructure, machinery room installation, maintenance and control services for the swimming pools of the tourism facilities, Residential Complexes, villas etc.

  • Sale of Pool Chemicals

    Providing and selling pool chemicals for the pools constructed and installed by the company as well as pools of all tonnages for the Hotels and Residential Complexes.

    Taking pool measurements with its expert staff and reporting to the pool responsible.

  • Automatic Garden Irrigation

    System project preparation, installation, maintenance and service for the gardens, where automatic irrigation technology is used.

All carried out with the Mak-El Mühendislik quality.
  • Water Pump Systems – Pump Sales and Installation

    Preparing and detailed report and handling the application on the Water Pump Systems and the pump quality while selecting the pump, selection of the sump pump type according to the well’s characteristics, placement workmanship, including the quality of the installation equipment used.

  • Solar Energy – Heat Pumps
    (Renewable Energy Systems)

    Sale, installation and maintenance of the solar energy systems based on the quality, efficiency and reliability rules, which provide environmental protection, hot water in four seasons and saves in fuel and power for the users.

    With the Mak-El Mühendislik heat pumps, you can heat or cool your home using the infinite energy stored in the nature, and do that independent of the fossil fuels in an economical, environment friendly and comfortable way. By drawing 3 units of energy from the environment using only 1 unit of electrical power, they can deliver 4 units of energy for your home.

  • Maintenance, Repair, Coil Winding and Replacement

    Cleaning the calcium deposits from the boilers, steam generators, solar energy systems etc. (the scale accumulated on the metal surfaces is determined with a camera system and the surfaces are cleaned by circulating the appropriate chemicals and delivered to the customer after showing the results with the camera system. Coil winding services are also provided for the burned out motors along with the mechanical maintenance, repair and replacement works for the buildings with completed projects.

  • Contracting for construction

    As a result of its meticulous activities in the field of mechanical contracting, Mak-El Engineering has also considered customer demand for construction, and is currently fulfilling construction projects on turn-key basis.

Presented with the Mak-El Mühendislik reliability.

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