How the AIR CONDITIONER should be maintained?

Along with the filter cleaning maintenance that can also be done by the user, the maintenance works to be carried out by the authorized service shops and periodic checks are available as well for AIR CONDITIONER system maintenance.

Air filter Maintenance and Cleaning (can also be done by the user)

The filters installed under the cover of the indoor unit are removed by opening the front panel.

  1. The surface of the filter is cleaned using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.
  2. The filter may also be cleaned under running water with a soft brush.
  3. If the water wash system is preferred while carrying out such cleaning works, the brittle surface of the filters should not be deformed and dried by laying flat on the floor.

Cleaning the filter in the indoor unit will provide a higher air flow, hence allow the Air Conditioner to work more efficiently. Depending on the amount of use, the internal filters should be cleaned once a month.

Periodic Maintenance and Checks to be carried out by the Authorized Service Shops:

The operations to be carried out during the Periodic Maintenance and Checks to be conducted by The Authorized Service Shops are listed below;

  1. The system is checked for noise.
  2. The general electrical system is checked and the normal voltage and current values are measured and recorded.
  3. Pipe and socket connections are checked.
  4. All the fans and propellers are checked.
  5. The evaporator and condenser are cleaned with special chemicals and pressurized water.
  6. The drainage pipes are cleaned and checked.
  7. Loss of refrigerant in the system is checked and the pressure of the R22 gas is evaluated.
  8. The remote control functions are checked.
  9. Visual checks

You can obtain a more efficient operation out of the system by having a service shop maintain the system once a year.

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